Monday, July 12, 2010

Transworld's Kaboom cover

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Next spring, the UK company Transworld will be publishing Kaboom. I'm stoked, obviously, and am looking forward to working with them as we prepare to share the book with our friends across the pond.

With Transworld's blessing, here's an early version of the cover we plan to use. I like it a lot. I liked Da Capo's cover a lot as well, but for different reasons; Da Capo's version captured the Suck and team elements of the Iraq experience. Jules Crittenden of The Boston Herald agrees, though he apparently doesn't like the book all that much now that he's cracked it, so don't send too much traffic his way. (He hasn't even gotten to the part where I vote for President Obama from Iraq. Judging by the tone of some of his political posts, The Herald may be short one editor after he reads that section).

Anyways, I believe the Transworld cover will prove equally well received. There's a distinct iconic flavor here that I hope the British people respond to, not to mention that fantastic EW quote that'll be sure to grace any and all Kaboom editions.

What does the vaunted and illustrious Interwebz think?


  1. Way cool - captures the "embattled Generation Y" thing. I liked the other's picture but the font struck me as kind of amateurish for some reason. what does Boris Lozhkin.

  2. I think it--and the tone of your book--will appeal greatly to those willing to read a book on contemporary war. Which is not a great many in the UK, I found.

    I finished Kaboom the other day--very much enjoyed it. There were parts that resonated quite a bit for me.

  3. It looks like a movie poster, looks more violent and bleak. Not that I don't like it. It is cool. I like the "original" version as it encompasses more of the guys and the UK one gives the impression the book is just about you. Your book is so much more. However, if I saw it (the new cover) on a book shelf and had never read your blog the cover alone would attract me to the book and I would pick it up to check it out. good luck in the UK...-M

  4. Transworld cover is very cool as a graphic take on the title - ya, like a poster. But the original one with the soldiers along the bottom against the sandstorm gives a more daunting feeling. But the quote from EW is very accurate. So long as they don't mess with the inside, it's ok.

  5. I really like the Transworld cover. It is much more of an attention grabber than the Da Capo cover. I could easily see my self browsing the military history section at a book store, seeing that cover, and checking it out even if I didn't know anything about it or you.

    All in all I would say it is a better cover than the Da Capo one. Not that the Da Capo cover was in any way bad.

  6. The different cover is cool, and the style of art I think fits the book well. It definitely strikes the right tone for the UK market, thats for sure.

    For the sake of comparision, I lean towards the OG as the better cover.

  7. You need a forward from a Monsurat..oh sorry he is dead..but still the best Brit writer, imho..'Cruel Sea'

  8. Re: the new cover - perfect. Much better than the original version. No offense to the people that put the first together, but it doesn't differentiate it from every other Iraq book out there. This one does.

    Re: Crittenden. If he's talking smack, take it as a compliment. He's a nobody using the Herald name to pretend he is a somebody. And you nailed it - you disagree with his politics, it is over. You like flavor, and understand grey. He is a stiff who lives in black and white. Move on kid, and link us to the many people who are praising your hard work.

  9. Crittenden is harsh and blunt and honest.

    Do I personally agree with everthing he said? No. I liked the book a lot. But some? Sure.

    Good or bad, you want people talking about your book and giving legit, thought-out impressions.

    If somebody says "I loved it, man!" that means just as little as someone saying "I hated it!" You can't do anything productive with either comment. So it's always helpful to have some critique you can understand and judge on its own merits.

  10. Excellent Transworld cover, edgy and eye catching.

  11. Be careful, Matt. You're young, ironic, successful, and tell it like it is. That's a recipe for resentment, especially for older men who never were. I know you like sports analogies - Crittenden is so far below your weight class, you shouldn't even acknowledge him. Bing West and Andrew Exum matter in the Defense world. They both loved the book. Crittenden is a bit player who has everything to gain by pissing in your Kool-Aid, with little to lose.

    I'm not sure you realize the power of your own voice quite yet. Another example - Mike Yon went after everyone who called him out except for you. Part of that might be because of the Small Wars Journal, I don't know, but I found it quite interesting. You should too, and start ignoring the gnats.

  12. If the comments are right and you're no fan of Mike Yon and Crittenden, I'll not be reading your book. Enjoy the glow of the fawning left.